On your own


On Your Own: A Widow's Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being

As Alex Armstrong advanced in her career she found herself working more and more with single women, particularly widows. Two of her early clients were George and Mary Donahue. When Mary was suddenly widowed she turned to Alex for help. Over the years they worked together and became personal friends. 

Alex read books which dealt with the financial side of widowhood or the emotional side, but not the two together. She asked Mary, a psychologist, to work with her on this unique book which dealt with both parts of the recovery. 

The first edition came out in 1993. Mary and Alex went on a nine city book tour, appeared on Good Morning America and sold 25,000 copies of "On Your Own." As tax laws and investment opportunities changed, they issued three other revised and updated editions of the book. This new fifth edition reflects the market upheaval and tax changes of 2008--2009 as well as technological changes.

Although this book was written primarily for widows, women of all ages and circumstances have found the information helpful to them as it provides basic financial planning and investment advice. You might want it for your own use or to give to a family member or friend. It is a thoughtful bereavement present. You can order it direct from our offices by calling your financial planner or through www. amazon.com.