Sustainable Travel


You may live a sustainable lifestyle at home, but what about while on vacation?

Here are five ways we can all try being green while traveling in 2020:


1. Travel by train or car

By exploring your own country, or re-visiting a neighboring country by train or car, you are learning to travel deeper instead of skimming the surface. Since you are already used to the language, culture, and the country's operations, you can travel slower, unwind more quickly and become truly present in the experience. You’ll enjoy your vacation more, build deeper memories and help save the environment at the same time.


2. Create your own clean up…wherever you go

While at the beach or any other natural location, pick up some trash. You can do this where you live or when you’re traveling. Beach cleaning can also be a good way to make friends. Search for clean ups and not only will you be helping the environment, but you may also meet some of the locals!


3. Use public transportation

Public transportation is a key service in many cities. And now there are more options than ever! When traveling, look to see what public transportation options the city has to offer. Most metropolitan cities offer a subway system, buses, bike shares and scooter rentals. Not only are these environmentally friendly ways to get around, but they also give you a greater look into the city while exploring.


4. Visit local markets

Another great thing to do when traveling is to visit local markets because it’s often the heart of the community. You get to hear the local language, see what people are buying and selling, and immerse yourself in a new culture. With the hustle and bustle of it all, it’s a great way to make your trip more sustainable. Most markets offer indigenous dishes and goods that don’t have to be transported to reach customers, so it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Also, by shopping in local markets you support their economy, including farmers and artisans.


5. Support our outdoor spaces

One way to be a steward of our planet is to visit, cherish and contribute to our National Parks and other outdoor spaces. Consider camping on your next adventure, or donate the money you could have spent on lodging. You can also volunteer on your next trip to a National Park – opportunities range from one day projects to longer term service. It’s our love and appreciation of these spaces that creates a future generation of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentally conscious travelers.