Our Philosophy





At Armstrong Fleming & Moore, we understand how your accomplishments, passions, and dreams for the future make you unique. What sets us apart is our ability to integrate these nuances into solutions tailored for your near- and long-term financial goals.

Our philosophy is grounded in an unwavering commitment to helping safeguard the things that matter most to you. We demonstrate this by adhering to time-honored investment principles, a research-driven process, and a highly personalized approach—all strengthened by the values we share in common with you.

We believe the key to helping conserve your assets and achieving the legacy you envision—whatever the conditions—is rooted in a successful financial plan. One that develops around your current circumstances, grows to fit your changing needs, and is flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected along the way.

Drawing on our expertise in all areas of financial planning and investment management, we aim to craft a comprehensive wealth management plan that seeks capital appreciation without subjecting your assets to unnecessary risks.

Since 1983, people have been turning to us to help them build a wealth management plan that reflects their vision and can stand the test of time. Our ability not only to meet this expectation, but to exceed it, is based in large part on the commitment we make to every one of our relationships. We take the time to understand your full life picture—your values and perspectives, as well as where you are now and where you want to go.

The overriding principle that our clients' best interests come above all else is a hallmark of the relationships and reputation we have built over our nearly 30 years working with clients. In prosperous and challenging times alike, a steadfast commitment to earning your trust and satisfaction guides everything we do.