Mary L. Moore, CFP®


[email protected]

As a principal of Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc., Mary provides individuals with highly personalized and comprehensive guidance for investment, retirement, long-term care, and estate planning issues, as well as other wealth management needs. She joined AFM in 2002, choosing it for its independent approach in working with clients.

Mary started her professional career as a Russian linguist. After earning her MBA, she switched careers over to commercial banking with a major regional bank, where she worked for more than 10 years, rising to the level of senior vice president. She then held a senior executive position in the financial regulatory field at the Federal Housing Finance Board before beginning her career as a financial planner. She was named a principal at Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc., in 2003.


Getting to Know Mary


After growing up in Northern New Jersey, Mary retains great affection for the New York City area. Mary and her husband, Stephen, have lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland, for 30 years. She has volunteered at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, DC, and in her spare time enjoys hiking, theater, and travel.

If Mary could meet anyone past or present it would be: Amelia Earhart

Place Mary would most like to visit: Kenya to experience the annual animal migrations

Favorite art genre: Abstract Expressionism, particularly the works of Joan Mitchell

Favorite band/song/album: anything by Stephen Sondheim

Favorite holiday:  A getaway with good friends and family

Hidden talent:  Accomplished mah jongg player

What motivates Mary: An appreciation for balancing life through challenges and experiences 

Mary’s biggest accomplishment: By taking chances and seizing opportunities as they arose, my evolving career path has brought me much happiness and satisfaction