Financial Strategies 4Q 2018

Market Update 4Q 2018

Unfortunately, investors who were holding out hope for a year-end rally were disappointed. As 2018 came to its end, rising political and economic concerns weighed on global markets. Read More

2018 Market Drawdown: Is This Still Normal?

Overall, there really does seem to be a lot to worry about and many reasons for stocks to keep dropping. With this level of worry, the bad news is that the decline could continue for a while—and even get worse. The good news, however, is that despite all the worry, the economic fundamentals remain sound. This should act to limit the damage and hasten the recovery. Read More

When Information is Cheap, Attention Becomes Expensive

In the era of total noise, successful financial decision making requires a combination of filtering this flood of information, reflecting on it, and placing it in the proper context.   This sort of triage, reflection, and analysis can be easy to bypass when we focus on the latest alert, tweet, text, or newsflash from the phone in our pockets. Read More

Savage Truths about the Stock Market

Terry Savage is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of several books about investments and is someone that Alex has known and respected for several years. With her permission, we have shared some of the highlights from a recent email she sent. Read More

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

A qualified charitable distribution from your IRA allows you to give to charity as well as the possibility of a larger standard deduction and a tax benefit. Read More

AFM News & Notes

  • AFM holiday party

  • Mitch Strobel passes CFP® exam

  • Nicolette passes Series 7 exam

  • Introducing new interns Alastair Berry & Elisa Peirano

  • Chris Rivers elected President of FPA NCA, Carl to serve on board as sponsorship director

  • Mary Lou celebrates 5 year anniversary with AFM

  • Ryan, Betsy, Alex and her husband Jerry attended Catholic University basketball game where intern Riley Hayes played

  • Read More