Financial Strategies 1Q 2018

Armstrong, Fleming, & Moore turns 35 this year: A Special Update From Our Founder

A brief history of our journey from the firm's founding by Alexandra Armstrong, one of the first female CFP®'s in Washington, D.C., and the capital region, and where our firm stands on our now 35th birthday! Read More

Market Update First Quarter 2018

March was a rough month for financial markets across the globe.
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Should You Use a Reverse Mortgage in Retirement?

Reverse Mortgages: A financial strategy? Or financial mistake? Jack Lowe, CFP®, weighs the pro's and con's in this article and provides insight on the recent industry developments that could assist you and your loved ones with your future retirement income. Read More

Spring Cleaning! (For Your Documents)

Our declutter expert and Operations Manager, Mary Lou Smart, shares the best ways to part safely with the paper accumulation that comes with the warm weather, and what to do with items leftover from tax returns, Social Security, and home documentation. Read More

Looking Ahead: Tax Ideas To Keep In Mind In 2018

Now that tax season has arrived, you're likely digging through receipts and tax forms to pull together your 2017 returns - and your 2018 taxes may be the furthest thing from your mind. Thanks to big changes (read our previous article for the specifics) in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill, there are some tax planning strategies you might now be able to take advantage of. Read More

Passing the Torch: When to Share Your Financial Picture

When is it a good time to talk finances to ensure your family is prepared for the future? A unique perspective brought to you from your financial professionals who have seen it all. Presented by Chris Rivers, CFP®. Read More

AFM News & Notes:

  • Named one of "Investment News Best Places to Work For Financial Advisors"
  • AFM Hits $1B in Assets Under Management
  • Alexandra Armstrong Lifetime Achievement in Financial Planning 2017 Winner
  • John Wittelsberger passes CFP® exam
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