From paying down debt to funding retirement, we help guide clients through a vast maze of financial choices. Cash flow analysis—looking at the money going in and out—is the most important part of a financial plan. A good cash flow management plan can allow for discretionary spending while helping you manage upfront expenses and still save for long-term goals.

By helping you review expenses, we empower you with information to make informed, realistic decisions. By the end of the cash flow analysis, you should have a clear view of how your cash flow impacts your ability to achieve your goals and objectives, and what corrections to make in order to shape your financial future.

Do you have a healthy level of debt?

Debt management is the other side of the same coin. Conventional wisdom says that as long as there is enough income to cover regular debt repayments, then debt is an acceptable part of a financial plan. But carrying an excessive amount of debt can restrict your ability to take advantage of certain financial opportunities. We help you manage debt by:

  • Analyzing purchase and refinance loan options
  • Coordinating the application process for loans
  • Gathering and providing data to lenders
  • Assessing lease versus buy options

We help you gauge whether or not your level of debt is healthy. And if it isn’t, we provide methods that can help you get your finances back under control.