Carl Holubowich, CFP®


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As a principal of Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc., Carl provides individuals and couples with personalized and comprehensive financial planning services, including guidance on investment, retirement, tax, insurance and estate planning issues, as well as other wealth management needs.

Carl was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in West Caldwell, New Jersey. After growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, he wanted to live in a city environment, so he attended George Washington University, which is located just a few blocks from our office in the District of Columbia. Looking for a full-time summer job so he could stay in the area, he started as an intern with AFM in June 2002. After graduating, Carl accepted a full-time job in AFM's Operations department in May 2003. He eventually became a portfolio analyst, working primarily with clients in that capacity. In March 2014, AFM welcomed Carl as a principal of the firm and he began working with clients of his own.

One of the reasons Carl entered into the financial planning business was he saw firsthand the devastating effects bad financial decisions can have on a family. His father struggled to manage the proceeds from the sale of the business he worked hard to build for many years, and also on what to do with his free time now that he was no longer going to work every day. In order to better serve clients and help them avoid some of the mistakes his father made, Carl obtained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certificate in January 2011.

In addition to his work with clients, Carl has also been quoted in several publications, including CNN Money and Reuters.


Getting to Know Carl


Carl lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife, Emily, and his two daughters, Jacqueline and Caroline. In his free time, Carl likes to work out, scatter golf balls into the woods at his local golf course, relax by the pool, and eat at the many restaurants in the DC area. He is a passionate fan of the New York Jets and Notre Dame football teams, as well as the New Jersey Devils hockey team.

Place Carl would most like to visit: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Favorite food/restaurant:  Sushi from Momo Sushi & Cafe in Old Town Alexandria, it’s easy to make a pit stop on the way home from work

Hidden talent: Can do a Donald Duck impression

What motivates Carl: Helping others avoid financial mistakes and get on the right track

Something on Carl’s bucket list: Watch the New York Jets win the Super bowl

Carl 2

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