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Understanding Medicare – taking it part by part

Often when you are involved in or overhear a conversation about Medicare, terms like “Part A” and “Part D” make you wonder, “what in the world do they mean?” Fear not, this article is your guide to joining those conversations – and maybe even educating your friends and family on the subject.

Trends point to rise of ESG investing

In a year that has revolved around the Covid-19 pandemic and highlighted many important social issues, which continue to take a tremendous toll on our health, economic well-being and everyday lives, it makes sense that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and corporate sustainability practices are accelerating.

You’ve retired. Now what? Adjusting to the first year of your retirement.

Alexandra Armstrong, founder of Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, recently published her second book to help women navigate important financial and life decisions. We’re pleased to publish excerpts here, and hope you’ll enjoy the wisdom of one of D.C.’s most groundbreaking financial planners.

From our Founder: A Woman's Guide to Successful Retirement

Retirement planning carries a host of complexities for everyone, but women face a set of unique challenges. Your Next Chapter: A Woman’s Guide To A Successful Retirement can help women successfully navigate through this major transition in their lives, both emotionally and financially. 

Is the Market Recovery Rooted in Reality?

Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman famously said that "nobody knows anything" when it comes to what works in Hollywood.  Despite decades of experience, no one in Hollywood had any idea what was going to be a hit and what was going to be a flop. 

Spotlight on Women: In Business and Beyond

It is more important now than ever to focus on including women as part of business conversations to ensure our workplaces are not set back in gender equality by today's dramatic challenges. As the World Bank Group’s Women, Business, and the Law 2020 points out, “equality of opportunity is good economics.” And seeing the impact female leaders make on the bottom line drives diversity of all forms in a positive direction.

It’s graduation time, and your 529 plan is ready for its grand entrance

The education world may be in flux, but higher learning will continue to be a priority for most families – even with a price tag that has outpaced inflation for decades. If a 529 plan is part of the mix of tools you’re using to save and invest, it may be time to think about how you’ll put it to use.

The Mortgage Market’s Wild Ride: what does it mean for you?

It’s not standard practice to feel you need to check mortgage rates on a daily basis. But just as everything else in our world has flipped on its head, that’s changed for the moment. Mortgages rates, historically one of the calmest elements of our financial planning lives, have turned into a Wild West scenario.

Machines of Loving Grace

Headlines during the current market decline have been nothing if not dependable — “plunge,” “meltdown,” “tumble,” “fear grips market,” “panic selling,” — we know all the catchphrases by now. The typical narrative on the evening news or in the paper next day leads with some form of “Fear gripped investors Thursday…”. But are individual investors actually driving markets by making trades on these emotions?

The Unusual Mistake

The financial world gave scant attention to the passing of Murray Gell-Mann last week at the age of 89.

Gell-Mann was a Nobel Prize winning physicist known for, among other things, discovering and naming the quark. While the quark has little to tell us about financial markets, some of Gell-Mann’s later work with the Santa Fe Institute has more to say.