Betsy Fleming, AIF®

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

[email protected]




Betsy is currently the most tenured person at Armstrong, Fleming, & Moore, Inc. having joined when the firm was known as Alexandra Armstrong Associates/Advisors.  Her most current role is VP/Chief Compliance Officer, writing policies and constantly coaching on the fluid world of compliance. 

Betsy tripped into this financial world when looking for a job after moving to DC.  She worked her way up from word processor where she formalized correspondence to Operations Manager where she placed orders, cut checks and opened accounts as just a few of her duties to the advisors and even worked as a portfolio analyst for a short period. Most importantly, she inherited the role of direct assistant to Alexandra Armstrong where she learned from the best on what it takes to provide exemplary service to clients and help manage their well-being.  Betsy assumed the CCO role which ultimately demands most of her time although she still manages to work with a few clients.  While not her intended career, financial planning and all it takes to run such a firm seemed to fit her natural needs of order and logic. 


Getting to Know Betsy


Betsy originally hails from upstate New York but now calls herself a Maryland native after all these years, living in Rockville with her husband, Ryan.  Their daughter lives nearby and manages frequent visits. A lover of travel, live music, exceptional food and ice hockey (Go Caps!), Betsy stays busy outside of the office.     

Places Betsy would most like to visit: any part of the world not yet seen.

Favorite author:  John Steinbeck

Favorite TV show:  Sunday Morning on CBS

Favorite band/song/album: Muse