Beate Ruffin

Vice President

[email protected]



In her role as VP Administration & Finance, Beate provides Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc., with accounting, human resource and business management support. Prior to assuming this role, Beate worked for 12 years as the operations manager for the German Agricultural Marketing Board, known as CMA, the official marketing organization of the German food and beverage industry. Before joining CMA, Beate worked for seven years in retail banking, going through several bank mergers, ending in the position of service manager at First Union Bank in Alexandria, VA.


Getting to Know Beate


Beate was born in a quaint spa town, close to the former East-German border in Lower Saxony, Germany. Since moving to the United States, she spent most of her years in Northern Virginia and considers it her home, though she has also lived in California and Kentucky. She has been a military spouse for almost two decades and has two children, both born in the U.S. and living in Northern Virginia. In her free time, Beate enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and traveling as often as possible.

If Beate could meet anyone past or present it would be: Willy Brandt

Place Beate would most like to visit: Galapagos Islands & Machu Picchu, Peru

Favorite TV show: 60 Minutes

Favorite band/song/album: Beatles, CCR

Favorite food: Most traditional German foods  

Favorite quote: Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen.

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Hidden talent: Handyman for all types of home repairs

What motivates Beate: Working well as part of a team

Something on Beate’s bucket list: Visiting all continents

Beate’s biggest accomplishment: Raising two children, while adjusting to life in a foreign country.